2015 Veggies – June

Sweet corn, early June

We decided to try corn again this year. I had tried it in 2013 and found that it didn’t produce much at all. This year we did a little more research and gave them a little more room to spread out in the rear beds. Although we sometimes sowed two or three kernels per spot, sometimes we got one, sometimes two, sometimes none at all. I doubted we really had the nutrients to support them, but was interested in giving them another chance. By this time, we had run our irrigation lines as well, as visible here.

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2015 Veggies – May

Beets, direct-sown, end of May

Once we had our transplants and direct-sown seeds in the ground, we could shift our attention from indoors to the garden itself. The bare soil was starting to look a little brighter by the end of May. Here, a beet enjoys its own spot. Note the clover in the background… that’s remnants of the cover crop which have reappeared and would soon spread to all areas of the beds.

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2014 Veggies – July

Japenese eggplant, mid-July

By mid-July, we were seeing some mature Japanese eggplant. I like these guys. They’re ideal for the grill, don’t even really need to slice them. Anything that’s prolific and yummy gets my vote, and eggplant have been prolific for us. And yummy. Continue reading 2014 Veggies – July