2014 Veggies – September

By mid-September, plenty of new eggplant were forming on the larger plants like this little cutie.

Baby eggplant fruit, mid September

Mature eggplant, mid-September

Some of the smaller plants were putting all they had into a single fruit. A few seemed a bit anemic, although they tasted good… possibly┬ápast its prime in this shot.

Rainbow chard, mid-September

The rainbow chard was looking more or less healthy and we were using it daily, although it did seem a bit fragile in the cooler weather.

Beet, mid-September

The beets took awhile that season to get up to size… some were great eating but a few we waited too long to pick and they were a bit woody even though they weren’t large, just a bit long in the tooth.

Purple pole bean, mid-September

A few of the purple pole beans were starting to show some age as well, a little less colorful– in July and August they were a bold purple color. Some of the bean plant leaves were starting to age and fall.

Green pole beans, mid-September

But the other pole beans, of a green variety, were sizing up like champs… sometimes even finding their way up over the fence and into the neighbors’ tree. These ones are a solid eight feet up. The green ones are a bit more tender than their purple cousins. Both have strings that need to be pulled out once they get above a certain size.

Still good harvests in September!

Shishito Pepper harvest, mid-September