This is the main online presence for the ongoing story of our urban vegetable garden. In this little patch of Brooklyn, NY, we are growing an average of 70 pounds of produce per season on about 220 square feet of soil. There’s no magic to it—with a little work, you can do the same, and have fun doing it.


We are connected to both the city and to the land. We are committed to urban agriculture, sustainability, our neighborhood, and the environment. Whether urban or rural, small-scale gardening is not necessarily more affordable or efficient than buying produce at a farmer’s market or a store. But there is huge value in the learning process and satisfaction in the harvest. By using our outdoor space for growing our own food from seed to harvest, and by supporting that project with the tools and methods used by larger scale operations as much as possible, we hope to learn and to pass this knowledge and interest onto our friends and neighbors. One thing that’s often said about creating change—sometimes the best place to start is in your own back yard. We hope you will share your own stories with us!

Most of the photos are by me, but many of the best ones are by Markella Los. For more frequent photos of our weekly progress, we invite you to follow our rather smart-looking Instagram feed:

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Jason Mortara & Markella Los