2014 Veggies – June

By the first of June, the tomatoes were looking healthy in the beds. This one’s a Brandywine, heirloom variety.

Brandywine tomato, early June

So were the purple tomatillos. These would eventually become the giants of the garden.

Purple tomatillo, early June

Dinosaur Kale was looking healthy as well. Nothing really fazes these guys.

Dinosaur kale, early June

More greens were coming up, these ones rainbow chard. Their run of good health was a short one, unfortunately.

Rainbow chard, early June

Here I’m either weeding or planting something. Or more likely… thinking.

Chief gardener

The cucumbers were perking up. A little rogue cilantro found its way into the mix. Great to have around, but I’ve never seen a plant go to seed so quickly.

IMG_0015 1_2014_06_04_Veggies_sm
Cucumbers and rogue cilantro, early June

A few days later, I spotted eggplant blossoms on the way. These are such lovely plants, with uniquely shaped leaves and purple veins running through.

Eggplant, possibly from starts, early June

Actually… these may have been the only two individual plants in the garden that I bought seedlings for, as we lost almost all of our seedlings to damping-off. So they may have had a head start. In the end, several of our seedlings did pull through to join these guys. Other than that, our many dozens of other vegetables are plants we propagated from seed.

By this time in the season, the southwest corner was thickening up menacingly with growth, foreshadowing its future state of Amazonian jungliness. The corner was home to tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, and a few herbs. We put up stakes, but the jungle laughed.

The corner jungle, late June

The garden was become a darned nice place to hang out.

The garden in late June
Our place, from a few houses over

A neighbor invited us up to check out the tomatoes on his top floor deck. We took a shot of our place from his point of view. He probably thinks we’re crazy, digging around in the dirt all day. I don’t blame him.