2014 Veggies – April & May

It might provide a little context to show what the place looks like before we plant, each spring. More than a tad dreary, to be sure, but a blank canvas for what’s to come. At this point, I hadn’t had time to hide most of the ugly chain link fences that came with the place with a few reeds.

Our Brooklyn slab in early April

I had moved the few flower bulbs popping up into their relegated corners to make room for veggies. The occasional early marauder could be spotted working their dark machinations.

Squirrel digging for nuts hidden last year

Shishito pepper under cloche, late April

Once the seedlings were in the ground in late April, they spent a few nights protected from the cold a bit.

Pole beans and shishito pepper, mid-May

The pole beans were peeking up against the new $10 reed fence, which would become their trellis.

Tomato transplanting, late May

By late May, the ground was warming up and the tomatoes went in. I put them in deep enough that their first sets of leaves could be covered by soil. This allows for more roots to develop along the buried parts of the plant and is a common technique for tomato planting.

Pole beans and wildflowers, late May

By the end of May, we had the pole beans starting to climb, and the row of wildflowers which ran alongside it in the same bed was thriving. We were hoping that the wildflowers would attract pollinators to the scene.