2015 Seed Saving

We had saved seed from our own crops: Brandywine Tomatoes, Fox Cherry Tomatoes, Hot Portgual Peppers, Shishito Peppers, Blue Lake Pole Beans, and Genovese Basil. I also like to think that local farms have done some of the homework in terms of selecting varieties that grow well in this area, so I supplemented our own harvest with a couple of peppers from the farmer’s market in Union Square: Hot Cayenne and Hot Serrano.

Our Hot Portugals were yummy and mildly spicy-sweet, but they took a hecka long time to flower and mature, and I had wanted them for adding heat to our pickle jars earlier in the season. They arrived months after pickling day, and would have been twice as long as a jar anyway—way too big. So I added the Cayenne and Serrano varieties to our seed saving mix this year. They are the right size for a pint jar, and I am hoping there will be a few harvestable ones in early August.

Hot Portgual peppers, processed for seed.

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2014 Seed Saving

In mid-October, we had plenty of undiscovered pole beans which had gone unpicked and had dried in place. Here are a few on the right, with fresh ones on the left.

Fresh and dry pole beans on the vine, early October

A few other things–flowers, Shishitos, even Asparagus berries– were available for seed saving. I hadn’t planned for this at all but it seemed like a good thing to try. The beans came out easily. I planted them in 2015.

Cracking open pole bean pods

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