2014 Seed Saving

In mid-October, we had plenty of undiscovered pole beans which had gone unpicked and had dried in place. Here are a few on the right, with fresh ones on the left.

Fresh and dry pole beans on the vine, early October

A few other things–flowers, Shishitos, even Asparagus berries– were available for seed saving. I hadn’t planned for this at all but it seemed like a good thing to try. The beans came out easily. I planted them in 2015.

Cracking open pole bean pods

I even accidentally took a decent photo for a change. Here we see some peppers drying out on the bottom left.

Seeds being processed

Apparently seeds are the most photogenic thing in the garden.

Pepper, beans, asparagus and flower seed pods

It must have been unseasonably warm that day.

Savoring the seed-saving session

It was a fun and meditative way to spend an afternoon. We ended up saving quite a few seeds, although the Asparagus berries got moldy a few days later. We tossed them. But the flowers, beans and peppers all got packaged up and given away in the coming months. Felt good!

Our complete set of beans and Shishitos in the following season would all come from this session. I even had a stamp made and packaged up a few to give away to friends and fellow gardeners.