2014 Intruders

A few of the unwanted guests in the 2014 season.

The twin nemeses of this urban gardener. Are they collaborating in their dark ways? Morning Glories, beautiful as they are (and they are lovely to behold in the morning as they unfurl, only to close their blooms by afternoon), really have a way of sneaking into anything they can and strangling whatever grows there. Squirrels took a large share of the produce this year and last. For some reason in 2015 they found other realms to ravage. Typically they take a bite of a nearly ripe tomato or cucumber and discard it, only to do the same thing to another one and another one. Very inconsiderate.

Twin evils of the garden in cute disguises

Still finding acorns buried by these jerks.

Intruder gettin’ bold

The humble and cute parsley worm can take down a parsley or dill plant in a few days. There’s more where he came from. They transform into lovely Eastern Black Swallowtail butterflies which populate the garden, so we leave a few of them alone to become part of the scene.

Parsley worm, soon to transform into something prettier
Parsley worm, soon to transform into something prettier