2014 Garden Flowers – Annuals

2014 was the first year we threw down some annual wildflowers along the inner sides of the east and west beds, along the rather harsh concrete border.

Wildflowers on the eastern bed

They definitely softened it up over the season, drooping over it and covering it from sight.


They also attracted a ton of bees and other pollinators to the garden, which really enhanced the little ecosystem we have going.

Wildflowers on the western bed, midseason
Wildflower in bloom

Marigolds have always struck me as tacky. But they are supposed to help keep unwanted bugs away from the plants. We also have tons of mosquitoes around, and some West Nile Virus to boot, so they never hurt. Maybe in the future I’ll tuck them a bit more out of sight. Many of them just appeared as volunteers, but I’d like them to be a little less… featured. At this point, we’ve found quite a few less flowers that we’d happily have in the mix.